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"You're MISSING OUT On A Steady Stream of High Quality Prospects EVERY WEEK WAITING To Work With YOU...!"
WAIT! Let me explain in a few minutes minutes...nothing techy and super easy to understand...!
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 After the call you will be wondering why people kept this from you all these years!

But let me tell you first a thing (or two)...
about funnels...YEY!

Websites VS Funnels

Grab your visitors attention using a strategically setup series of pages that brings them closer to the solution for their problem.

Website are just online brochures that only provide random information about your services and background.

New fresh visitors are not going to spend 30 minutes to read and watch all your content. 


They bounce back to their social media and they're gone forever!

Funnel Basics Explained in 3 Steps:

  • Take visitors through a strategically setup series of pages
  • Provide a solution for problems with a "bait" and collect lead details
  • Lastly those leads will be nurtured and turn them into clients
 Three Basic Funnel Elements 
A successful funnel needs customized elements to attract your perfect clients based on the latest market research...
Unlike websites funnels keep the focus on the problem of the visitor and delivers the pre-solution...

1) Bait

A piece of content that will be delivered in PDF or video format and reveals the solution for a problem that you're audience has

2) Funnel Setup

Click image to enlarge
A series of pages that consist of minimal 2 pages that collects lead details, delivers the bait and presents the solution that your company offers

3) Email Sequence

This is where your leads get collected and nurtured by a series of pre-setup emails AND warmed up to send them later to your offer

Some Funnel Examples 

Below some examples of lead gen pages where people can submit their details to get the bait.
in different formats and to build your email list...

Business Lead Gen

Offer a case study to collect leads...

eBook Lead Gen

Page with enticing content for people to "want" your eBook, collect and nurture leads...

Membership Lead Gen

Collect leads by offering educational content using a membership funnel setup...

Ecommerce Funnel

Turn any product into offers based on "more of the same" principal

Chiropractor Funels

Educate people on the problem and then offer the solution - take a look at the page...
NOTE: All our work is customized for each company's goals and we won't share publicly their secret marketing sauces 
which will include automatically yours as well. Funnels are simply THE part that generates and nurtures the sales for companies!
About Dahlan Baron
I was my first sale at 7 months in Indonesia, got adopted and they flew me to the Netherlands

From 11 years young door to door bicycle and car cleaning service, till my 30's numerous of projects and businesses in the Netherlands. 

Ended up broke, moved to Bulgaria to resurrect and now at 42 a full-time business growth strategist for businesses all over Europe, Dubai and living in Malta

Possible next destinations: Dubai, Miami and back to Bulgaria...
  • Fact #1: Over a decade of brick and mortar history
  • Fact #2: Haven't stopped traveling the past 12 years
  •  Fact #3: All my assets are digital and live out of my suitcases
  • Fact #4: Obsessed doing business growth projects and sharing knowledge

Q and A:

Can Anyone Use Funnels For Their Business?
Any brick and mortar- , consultancy- , education-, high ticket-, seminar and any other business that likes to increase the value of their marketing efforts and grow business assets.

Why Do I Need A Funnel?
Any brick and mortar- , consultancy- , education-, high ticket-, seminar and any other business that likes to increase the value of their marketing efforts and grow business assets need warm leads and there is no better way to build trust by educating your clients

Do You Guarantee Anything?
Yes, I do. Every business gets a customized setup which I will present in a Zoom call, then I'll create a final proposal and then we agree upon the goals, terms and conditions and the payments of this proposal. And I always over-deliver! GUARANTEED!
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